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On Brand offers a comprehensive set of Marketing Services at both the strategic and tactical levels. Unlike most consulting firms, On Brand works with clients from start to finish, whether it is a project or a soup-to-nuts strategy through implementation assignment.

Best of all, we candidly report on results with analysis and further recommendations for improvement. We consider accountability a 2-way street and gladly accept our responsibility in that equation.

Strategic Services

Brand Development
A thorough process to create solid Brand identity objectives, with the ability to translate those objectives to strategic and then tactical plans.

Marketing & Operational Alignment
Successful brands always insure that their Brand Promise and Brand Deliver are totally aligned. A sure way to fail is when you over-promise and under-deliver, or over-deliver and under-promise. We work directly with team leadership to properly align marketing with operations.

Intelligence: Customers, Market, Competitors, Employees
Understanding your customers, the markets in which you operate, the competition and your own team has never been more important. We design and manage research projects, on-going trends from an operational as well as marketing perspective. We analyze the data and develop detailed recommendations for improvement.

Creative Audit: Assessment, Market Position, Recommendations
As with Intelligence, it is vital that businesses review their creative assets and strategies to gain knowledge on how they compete in the market. Our team reviews current and past creative, compares those results to the planned Brand identity objectives and makes recommendations for improvement.

Loyalty Program: Design, Integration and Management
Loyalty is a virtual necessity to be competitive in today’s consumer business world. Our team designs and customizes the right loyalty program for your business. This includes database creation, technical design to tie-in POS, social and other sources, establishing rewards and segmentation strategies as well as communications plans to address each segment.

Tactical Services

Having a sound marketing strategy is mandatory to creating a successful business. But it is equally critical to implement the action plans that support the strategy and let’s be candid, most strategic firms are big on delivering thick strategic plans and virtually disappear when it comes to implementing those plans. On Brand is right there with you from start to finish, as you request.

Fundamentally, marketing is delivering the right message at the right time to the right audience with a brand and product that lives up to the promise.

This requires a focused plan often built across multiple media platforms. On Brand’s team will help you distill your goals, objectives, customer segments, messaging priorities and media options to deliver a tactical marketing plan that delivers ROI. We are both experienced and comfortable in working B-2-C or B-2-B arenas.

Marketing Program Management – Turn-Key Service
On Brand can function as a virtual outsourced marketing department for organizations unable to fund their own internally. Or, we work alongside your marketing leadership to manage the execution of the marketing program.

Project Management
We excel as managing projects ranging from Complex to Simple. No detail is too small and our team’s combined background means we likely have experienced just about everything.

Digital Marketing: Project Planning, Mobile, Social, Online, SEO
Everything required to be tops in your market. Our team is world-class and has designed highly-functioning web sites for some of the world’s best known and largest brands. But we also have worked with a number of small and medium-sized businesses. No project is too large or small.

Audience Targeting
Precise development of target audience based on best customer profiles, database information.

Database Management
Develop and manage effective, central database fed by all marketing channels, point of purchase and other sources. Segmentation and communication to influence behavior of existing customers.

Market Optimization
A systematic process to tailor marketing dollar allocation and brand-messaging in each market to help clients achieve full potential. Since market factors influencing brand growth vary widely based on product or service category, key performance indicators are utilized to create an Opportunity Index and other metrics to be applied to each market and provide a guide for investment, maintenance or pull back deployment of marketing dollars by market.

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