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Developing Leaders; Dealing With Millennials

We all know leadership is earned and nothing is more true in today’s dynamic and disruptive climate. Whether you are dealing with emerging business challenges or opportunities, evolving workplace cultures or the new challenge of managing multi-generational teams or how to attract and retain new talent (the so called Millennials), one thing remains true — you still need to deliver results. And that is where On Brand Management can help.

With our extensive experience as C-suite executives we have been in your shoes, know the challenges you face, bring fresh thinking, strategies and tactics to the table, and distinguish between the often misunderstood and underestimated collective impact on a business or organization of leadership and management.

What is the difference between the traditional terminology associated with leadership and management?

  • Managers have subordinates. Leaders have followers
  • Managers tend to be authoritarian and definitely transactional focused.
  • Leaders tend to be charismatic and transformational
  • Managers are work focused. Leaders are people focused
  • Managers deal with the short-term requirements of the business. Leaders look to the long-term


  • General Management and Business Consulting
  • Leadership Development (one-on-one and labs)
  • Multi-Generational Team Labs
  • Talent Development (hiring and retention)
  • Cultural Poll and Culture Evolution Planning

Implementation. Unlike most consulting firms, On Brand works side by side with you to implement your strategic plans and deliver the results to secure the future growth of your business.

Case Studies


Two cable TV networks and their digital and VOD platforms merging into one business entity while continuing to deliver revenue by retaining the majority of each networks’ audience. The challenge? Merging the workforce, technology, the linear and digital platforms, the brands to create one organization, culture, and vision for the merged entity. Recommended action plan including, branding, vision, culture and audience retention.

RESULTS: Merger completed within three months with no loss of revenue and minimal loss of audience

10 years old. Sales plateaued for two consecutive years as did profitability at 10% of gross sales. Designed and executed overhaul of sales and operational teams. Reduced employment count from 47 to 32 full time. Increased geographic presence to multiple major markets. Improved operational delivery of services. Designed and implemented effective financial control and reporting structure.

RESULTS: sales +200% over three years

Practice Leaders

Gaynor Strachan Chun
Patrick Meskell
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