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400+ unit retail chain was showing flat to slightly negative sales comps. Current “spend to volume” approach relative to marketing dollar allocation no longer viable. A marketing prioritization model was created to quantify the relative health of each market. Key factors were assimilated and weighted into the model creating an “Opportunity Index” for each market. Marketing dollars subsequently allocated in direct relation to each market’s Opportunity Index – High Opportunity/Aggressive Spend; Low Opportunity/Low or Maintenance Spend.

RESULTS: chain sales comps +4% overall in a category showing flat growth

Global company facing challenge of growing a niche cooking product. Household penetration low due to seasonality and modest marketing support. Low annual sales made it difficult to justify aggressive national consumer media effort. Recommended 3-year plan including highly-targeted, low cost national print supported by a three-pronged plan of regional broadcast media to drive awareness, trial, and usage during off-season periods.

RESULTS: High double-digit growth in roll-out markets; 3-year payout goals exceeded

5 year old concept recently acquired by large private equity restaurant brand owner. Engaged On Brand to determine how best to grow a bar-only concept with unique positioning. Designed and executed research project to gather guest perceptions. Conducted in-person site observation and gathered market data to determine options. Recommended concept pursue select food menu and highly targeted expansion of alcohol concept to maintain high-end demographic appeal.

RESULTS: increased sales of 20%+ in first year; significant increase in franchise sales

20 year old concept with eroding sales over 5 year period. Designed and executed research project to gather guest perceptions. Designed and executed focus group to test optional strategies. Designed and executed integrated marketing plan to communicate brand’s move from traditional casual dining menu to farm-to-table menu strategy. Designed overall brand strategy and aligned operations with marketing to create tight-fitting brand promise/delivery model.

RESULTS: +22% first year; +10% year 2; +6% year 3; +5% year 4

Local Media


30+ locations near major media market. Locations in and around suburbs but not within major market. Sales insufficient to support use of local TV, radio and newspapers. On Brand conducted research to determine brand image, operating strengths and weaknesses as well as customer profile and usage. Designed integrated marketing campaign using digital platforms and direct mail to target communications to “Best Customer” profiles in the trade areas to avoid expense of major market media.

RESULTS: Sales/Traffic increase average 2.5%-4.5%; program executed within budget

75 unit concept with locations spread across 10 states with single locations in numerous small markets as well as clustered operations in several rated markets. With limited marketing budget (approx. 1.2% of net sales annually) the challenge was to impact traffic and sales across all units with limited ability to achieve efficiency in media buys due to geographic spread. On Brand researched each store location and developed a suite of tactics including broadcast and zoned cable television, e-mail, digital marketing and support POP to communicate highly focused, simple brand message with strong call to action.

RESULTS: Sales Impact average +11.5% during campaigns; Traffic Impact average 5.2%; Average Check +22.5%

Political party trailing in 13 very tight congressional district races had a total budget of $500,000 available to invest during the final two weeks of the campaign. Engaged On Brand to determine most effective local media program to attempt to influence final voter decisions. On Brand conducted fast research on the individual voting districts spread across multiple states and developed an inexpensive local media strategy to reach target audiences. Managed the execution of the media program.

RESULTS: Results: won 11 of 13 races, each by less than 3% of the vote

Digital Media

Digital Media is by far the preferred method of communicating with Millennials and increasingly all demographic groups. On Brand’s digital team has deep and broad experience in developing industry-recognized digital content that delivers results.
Largest Action-Sports E-tailer in the USA

Users view a video of a PRO skater in action and have the opportunity to click on the skate equipment or the apparel the PRO is wearing in the video and buy each product directly from the video.

“We are now able to bring the emotional aspect of skateboarding to life on our site for our customers where they can take action and become part of the experience. It opens a completely new way to merchandise our products to our customers.” — Customer Chief Operating Officer

RESULTS: Online sales increased 20%
‘In Men We Trust’

An innovative concept for online programming, the objective was to demonstrate a groundbreaking way of presenting original content online. Developed and integrated the technology platform where viewers will experience original entertainment while also enabling consumers to interact with the content timeline itself, allowing them to click on characters to get an in-depth look at information such as backgrounds, where they are, what they are eating and what they are wearing. In particular, the audience is able to find out more about “placed” products and purchase those items.

RESULTS: Concept and technology behind the program was nominated for an Emmy.
NBC Television: Lipstick Jungle

The objective was to create an innovative way to integrate product sponsors as part of the programming content. Used interactive video functionality to allow sponsor/advertisers to highlight products used in the show and viewers to purchase products directly through the viewing experience.

RESULTS: The platform, functionality and content management system was used in multiple NBC prime time programming extended online.
Instructional Soccer Videos

Created a destination site and content management system for instructional videos with playlist and sharing capabilities that incorporated the ability for sponsors to be integrated with the content and user experience.

RESULTS: Viewership increased 200%; revenue increased 300%



Provider of full length and specialty programming to cable operators. Due to scope of company programming stock languished under $4 per share despite strong earnings, thereby depressing market cap. Using stable cash flow and significant network infrastructure, recommended client diversify by securing controlling interest in new ad supported networks on an “equity for services” business model. Guided diversification initiative for client.

RESULTS: Company stock price increased nearly 200%; eventually sold to competition

15 year old builder and operator of broadband cable, Internet and phone service networks. EBITDA languished at 1% of gross revenue and partnerships with residential communities had become strained. Overhauled internal operations and financial reporting systems. Aggressive service improvement through added bandwidth. Designed and executed communications program with both residential subscribers and business partners to reduce stress.

RESULTS: EBITDA increase 1% to 37% of sales in 18 months; sold company for 215% profit

30 year old business providing B2B media buying services to nationally branded clients. Due to heavy pressure resulting from eroding media spending, revenue was declining annually…nearly 60% in the five years prior to seeking advisory services. After initial analysis, recommended stabilizing existing client relationships by offering new services such as digital media buying. Also expanded client model to include B2C along with B2B. Partnered with other agencies to gain new business.

RESULTS: revenue +35% within 18 months; ceased client defection and adding new ones

10 years old. Sales plateaued for two consecutive years as did profitability at 10% of gross sales. Designed and executed overhaul of sales and operational teams. Reduced employment count from 47 to 32 full time. Increased geographic presence to multiple major markets. Improved operational delivery of services. Designed and implemented effective financial control and reporting structure.

RESULTS: sales +200% over three years
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