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Generational Disruption = More Complexity

Today’s brand strategy landscape is complex, fragmented and diverse. You need to understand the how, what and why of how each customer segment uses the wide array of media platforms available to them and what messages will grab their attention and spur them into action. The Boomer/Millennial generational shift requires speaking to two very important but diverse groups as the same time and you need to craft your message for distribution through multiple channels…broadcast, digital, mobile, social and print.

On Brand will help you decipher this complex world, help you read between the lines of the data available to you and, if necessary, recommend additional research needed. We will help you and your organization get a handle on the lifestyles and behaviors of your customers so you can make informed decisions as to where and how to execute your brand strategy.

And, we will show you how a matrix approach to marketing not only will help build your customer base but also evolve your view of marketing from an expense to a valuable asset that delivers ROI.

To support implementation of your brand strategy, On Brand features a comprehensive set of  Marketing Services

Case Studies


400+ unit retail chain was showing flat to slightly negative sales comps. Current “spend to volume” approach relative to marketing dollar allocation no longer viable. A marketing prioritization model was created to quantify the relative health of each market. Key factors were assimilated and weighted into the model creating an “Opportunity Index” for each market. Marketing dollars subsequently allocated in direct relation to each market’s Opportunity Index – High Opportunity/Aggressive Spend; Low Opportunity/Low or Maintenance Spend.

RESULTS: chain sales comps +4% overall in a category showing flat growth

A long-time financial services firm engaged On Brand to conduct a Brand Development program as the company sought to expand and diversify its business model. We designed and conducted a Brand Discovery session with key executives, identified critical insights and recommended a strategy for moving forward. The company subsequently engaged On Brand to apply the results of the Brand Development session to tactical action. A new identity package was created including logo and positioning, a web site was created integrating all elements of the firm’s communications and recommendations were made for future follow up steps in the ensuing year.

RESULTS: Client reported successful message penetration within the industry, adoption of brand image by partners and initial success in new business development. Engagement is on-going.

30+ locations near major media market. Locations in and around suburbs but not within major market. Sales insufficient to support use of local TV, radio and newspapers. On Brand conducted research to determine brand image, operating strengths and weaknesses as well as customer profile and usage. Designed integrated marketing campaign using digital platforms and direct mail to target communications to “Best Customer” profiles in the trade areas to avoid expense of major market media.

RESULTS: Sales/Traffic increase average 2.5%-4.5%; program executed within budget
Largest Action-Sports E-tailer in the USA

Users view a video of a PRO skater in action and have the opportunity to click on the skate equipment or the apparel the PRO is wearing in the video and buy each product directly from the video.

“We are now able to bring the emotional aspect of skateboarding to life on our site for our customers where they can take action and become part of the experience. It opens a completely new way to merchandise our products to our customers.” — Customer Chief Operating Officer

RESULTS: Online sales increased 20%

Sample List of Clients

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