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Do you know your customer? Do you fully understand their needs or patterns? If you cannot answer yes to both these questions, On Brand’s team of executives can help.

Analytics can be many things, but most succinctly it’s the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Appropriate analytics are unquestionably they most accurate way for a brand to quantify performance…good or bad…but always for the benefit of improving a company’s performance.

Analytics are also diverse as they may include risk analysis, marketing modeling and performance and web metrics, amongst many others. Understanding what analytics your business needs and how you apply that information is a core competency of On Brand. With our extensive experience in the restaurant, media and entertainment, and marketing arenas, we can help you identify and execute an analytics package that insures our clients are realizing the results necessary to drive the ROI their business needs.


  • Marketing Optimization and Analytics
  • Product Portfolio Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Digital Analytics
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