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Making Business Better

When a business has a sound strategic plan, a defined marketing strategy and a product or service that is in demand the chances for success are good. However, lack of good management is a consistent reason why businesses fail. Executing all of the plans, strategies and product/service delivery are the critical element many businesses fail to understand. Or in some case, they overthink management.

The great Peter Drucker once summed up management in five, easy to understand points:

  1. Making people’s strengths effective and their weaknesses irrelevant.
  2. Enhancing the ability of people to contribute
  3. Integrating people in a common venture by thinking through, setting and exemplifying the organizational objectives, values and goals
  4. Enabling the enterprise and its members to grow and develop through training, developing and teaching
  5. Ensuring everyone knows what needs to be accomplished, what they can expect of you, and what is expected of them

Management allows us to coordinate hundreds or thousands of people with different skills and knowledge to achieve common goals.

Then, consider this gem from Drucker:

“Not to innovate is the single largest reason for the decline of existing organizations. Not to know how to manage is the single largest reason for the failure of new ventures (including the introduction of new products”)

 On Brand’s team members have spent significant portions of their careers in line management and in executive operational roles, overseeing and leading the management functions of numerous organizations to success. We know how to take strategies and plans and put them into action.


  • Operations
  • Accounting
  • Audit
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Organization

Implementation. On Brand is a “hands on” firm, meaning we don’t deliver detailed plans and let clients figure it out. We help implement our own guidance to make sure we are as accountable as clients are for their success.

Case Studies


15 year old builder and operator of broadband cable, Internet and phone service networks. EBITDA languished at 1% of gross revenue and partnerships with residential communities had become strained. Overhauled internal operations and financial reporting systems. Aggressive service improvement through added bandwidth. Designed and executed communications program with both residential subscribers and business partners to reduce stress.

RESULTS: EBITDA increase 1% to 37% of sales in 18 months; sold company for 215% profit

Established staffing company in a Top 10 U.S. city provided a significant amount of services to the federal government and government contractors. In the 60 days post-9/11, the company saw business grind to a virtual halt…to the point they were facing possible catastrophic decisions by year end. Upon engagement, an anlysis was conducted on both internal and external conditions for the business and a series of recommendations were made for immediate implementation. This included downsizing real estate commitments, reducing staff, reassigning senior management responsibilities and focusing core services and marketing.

RESULTS: Business rebounded within 30 days; Sales ultimately increased to record levels and profit exceeded top-level forecasts

30 year old business providing B2B media buying services to nationally branded clients. Due to heavy pressure resulting from eroding media spending, revenue was declining annually…nearly 60% in the five years prior to seeking advisory services. After initial analysis, recommended stabilizing existing client relationships by offering new services such as digital media buying. Also expanded client model to include B2C along with B2B. Partnered with other agencies to gain new business.

RESULTS: revenue +35% within 18 months; ceased client defection and adding new ones

Practice Leaders

Brian Gunderson
Maria Olson Goins
Bill Zaccheo
Gaynor Strachan Chun
David Hemingway
Chris Petersen
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